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Rockingham Visitor Centre - Things to do Rockingham
Rockingham Visitor Centre - Things to do Rockingham - Rockingham, WA 6168

The Rockingham Visitor Centre has a wide range of brochures and information to make your stay in Rockingham or any part of Australia a memorable occasion.
The staff are experienced and will offer ideas for fun-filled holiday experiences whereever you want to go.
If you are looking for an idea for your next holiday, ask the staff for some suggestions.
The centre has the resources to book your accommodation, your transport and local points of interest.
Conveniently located in the Gary Holland Centre,19 Kent Street, Rockingham Beach, the centre is your obvious first port of call to gather important information and local knowledge.
The City of Rockingham is a popular destination offering a wide range of visitor experiences and activities.
Just ask the staff and you will be amazed at the information available.
Rockingham promises a memorable and unique experience for every visitor.
Drop in or phone the centre on 9592 3464.